Resurgens Charitable Foundation surpasses $1 million in total donations to metro Atlanta parks, schools, organizations

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Foundation’s goals are making play accessible to all, combating childhood obesity, injury prevention 

Founded 13 years ago, the Resurgens Charitable Foundation recently reached a milestone in their philanthropic quest to give back to the metro Atlanta community by surpassing the $1 million donation mark. Funding has been distributed to organizations and projects that promote active and healthy lifestyles to people of all ages and ability levels. 

Several recent donations helped push the Foundation over the $1 million donation mark, including: The Georgia Ballet, Lewis Elementary School’s Morning Fitness program, Shiloh Elementary PTA Safe Play Area, Vaughan Elementary School Playground, Henry County Parks and Recreation Special Olympics, North Metro Miracle League’s Camp Collinswood, and Wheelchairs 4 Kids

Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick says the entire board and all of the Foundation’s supporters view this work as essential and something that directly impacts the future of Atlanta’s children. 

“We are so fortunate to have a dedicated, enthusiastic team that views this work with the same importance as they do their day job. This is an investment in Atlanta’s future, and something we take very seriously,” she asserted. “The biggest reward for us is when we can see smiling faces of children who just rode down a slide or soared on a swing for the first time.” 

A portion of the funds raised has come from Resurgens’ own employees, who are also passionate about the work the foundation does. The employee donations (excluding physician donations) has amounted to $55,000 raised through individual office initiated fundraising efforts such as bake sales, sports bracket competitions, and “jeans days.” 

The Foundation believes outdoor, physical play is vital to every child’s healthy development, and that all children, regardless of ability, should have access to stimulating and challenging play spaces. To this end, the Foundation’s goal is to help construct one all-abilities playground each year. These playgrounds are specially designed for children — and parents — with physical or mental disabilities, as well as non-affected children. Since 2001, the Foundation has funded 17 all-abilities playgrounds across the Atlanta area with a few more planned for the next year. 

The Foundation also amplifies its own work and the work of others by partnering with and supporting like-minded organizations that help all Georgians live healthier, happier, more active lives. These include the North Metro Miracle League’s Camp Collinswood, BlazeSports, the Fragile Kids Foundation, the Georgia Ballet’s Dance Ability program, and YMCA Youth Fit for Life

The mission of the Resurgens Charitable Foundation is to promote active lifestyles for people of all ages and abilities. It was formed in 2001 with a fundraising effort in response to the terrorist attacks on September 11. Since then, it has evolved to focus on youth health and fitness, and raising funds to build specially designed all-abilities playgrounds for children in the metropolitan Atlanta area. A major goal of the Foundation is to support construction of at least one of these playgrounds per year. For more information, please visit