The Resurgens Charitable Foundation's mission is to promote active lifestyles for people of all ages and all abilities.

Success Story

The mission of the Resurgens Charitable Foundation is to promote active lifestyles for people of all abilities. 

Founded in 2001, the Resurgens Charitable Foundation’s primary focus is building all-abilities playgrounds in order to encourage play and active living for children of all ages and abilities. 

About Us

Every child needs outdoor physical play. But some of the children who need it most, kids with disabilities, miss out because they simply don't have suitable playground facilities, Since 2001 we have raised funds to build specially designed "all abilities" playgrounds for children in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Our commitment is to build at least one new "all abilities" play facility annually.

Resurgens Charitable Foundation surpasses $1 million in total donations to metro Atlanta parks, schools, organizations

April 10, 2014 11:43am

Foundation’s goals are making play accessible to all, combating childhood obesity, injury prevention...