Joseph Sams School

The Resurgens Charitable Foundation will provide funds to purchase equipment for the new gymnasium/physical therapy area at the Joseph Sams School. A gymnasium/physical therapy area is critical for all students with disabilities to practice gross motor skills; however, it is extremely vital for students with physical limitation to have adequate equipment and therapy areas to develop independent mobility skills. This specialized equipment will aid in the effort to better serve special needs student population by providing them updated and easily accessible materials to utilize during recreational/therapy classes.

The Joseph Sams School remains dedicated to the education and life skills training of children who are intellectually, physically or developmentally challenged. The school also holds the distinction of being the only fully-accredited school in the state of Georgia that provides education and therapeutic services for children birth through high school age who have mild to severe disabilities. In addition, The Joseph Sams School is one of 21 schools nationwide to be a model site for MOVE (Mobility Opportunities via Education) International and one of the only two programs utilizing MOVE in Georgia. MOVE is a program which provides children with severe disabilities opportunities for acquiring independence in mobility skills, including weight bearing, walking with assistance and eventually independently.

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