Hunter Rewis Ramp at Harmony Elementary

For Hunter Rewis a ramp is a critical element for a new playground being built at the Harmony Elementary School. Hunter has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. His parents, Paula and Corey, are determined to have him enjoy the same fun and same excitement as other youngsters.

But to do it, they must have a proper ramp to get to the play platforms. They say it must exceed the guidelines of the Disabilities Act to properly handle a wheelchair. "Unfortunately ADA accessibility does not equate to being accessible to wheelchairs. So I am trying to get one built that my son can enjoy along with the other children," Corey Rewis said.

The plans are drawn and construction is ready to start. But there is one hitch: The Harmony Elementary PTA is funding the playground, but did not budget for a ramp. "They agreed that they would add a ramp component to the playground. Unfortunately that ramp costs $13,000 more than the budget called for, so I volunteered to raise that money and we are pretty close," he added.

Corey and his wife Paula are wasting no time.  They've set up a website to build awareness and raise the cash.

Corey is a former Marine who served in the Gulf War. His fellow Marines heard about the effort and through the Veterans Community Alliance have already kicked in $6,000. Another $3,000 has come from friends, neighbors and organizations.

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